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ARC Independent

ARC Independent registered CIC No. 569812

ARC Independent is an artist led, non-profit group cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment for independent creative activity that can engage and mutually benefit our wider community, both local and global.


Developing as a part static, part nomadic structure, creative studios form a foundation that can provide space, finance and support for; a communal workshop where different creative practices cross-over and reach out into our immediate neighbourhood; an off-site programme of art workshops, exhibitions and live events; and an artists residency.


We provide mixed use studio space with a communal workshop, run as a co-operative and open to anyone who has the need for basic tools and extra space to make. We are a young and small organisation at the moment, set up in 2017 developed through 2018 and expanded through 2019. We consist of nine artists and makers, keen to develop connections with like minded people in Scotland and internationally.

If you think your artistic practice or social activity could benefit from and/or complement this kind of energy please send us an email: