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We are developing an experimental monthly Social Club with our neighbour McNeills, held on the last Friday of every month. This is an evolving space that brings people together and encourages informal discussion centred around creative practice and how this connects us with the wider culture and environment we are all embedded within.


Music is central to the space as both a communal activity and a direct way to collectively release some energy. Through this space we attempt to create the conditions for the emergence of an as yet unknown larger cultural programme that can begin to tackle the prevailing societal mindset that places debt based market economics above every other aspect of being. This may be a bit ambitious and driven by wishful thinking for what is essentially a boozer in the Southside of Glasgow, but we'll give it a go and see if we can plant some seeds that talk of symbioses, collaboration, reciprocity and the mesmeric power of our technology now making the human species a major geophysical event.

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ARC Independent are producing two events at McNeills to help amplify and connect with the knowledge and wisdom from the indiginous leaders of the global South who will be attending the Glasgow COP26 in November 2021. These elders and younger spokes people, who are at the forefront of a system that oppresses indigenous rights to land across the globe, will be based in the Southside of Glasgow throughout COP26 and are especially keen to communicate their message of struggle for the rights to their ancestral lands with the local people of Glasgow.

If you can volunteer some time or space to help make their long journey worthwhile please contact them through their website

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Síbín, a supportive environment for critical conversations responding to artists work in progress.


Each month we shift focus to a different medium/artform. The five lunar months between each Equinox make up one cycle of Síbín, rhythmically aligning to the rotation of the planet and punctuated by each Solstice. This cycle is then repeated, in a different order and with slight changes in iteration.


Síbín starts low-key and will grow organically, eventually connecting out beyond the walls of Torrisdale Street studios. The intention being to encourage an artistic community to come together and discuss their practice with a critical approach.


From 6pm there will be four artists showing speculative work in progress. Each piece is given a maximum of ten minutes followed by a fifteen minute critical feedback/discussion with the group. From 8pm the evening moves on to a social with music and drinks to fuel informal discussion and more intimate conversations till midnight.

Síbín is inclusive, everyone is welcome. (Síbín is pronounced Sheebeen)

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ARC Independent presents Cleave, a group exhibition of six artists installed across three arches in Laurieston, Glasgow. Programmed as part of the Glasgow International 2018.

To cleave; meaning both to split and to adhere to, embodies both acts of divergence and convergence. It begins as a concept split along natural lines of being, an invitation to reimagine the distances between binaries: internal/external; earth/space; body/technology; feminine/masculine; near/far; native/other. Taking over three of the Laurieston arches, six artists working across sound, sculpture, video, painting, photography and performance will be paired, reacting to one another’s work and creating moments of intersection across the various mediums to establish an expression of commonality.

Exhibiting Artists:


Sofia Alsbo

Maria de Lima

Craig Dow

Timo Kube

Ines Rebelo

Francis Thorburn

Preview: 20th April 6 – 9pm
Performance: Francis Thorburn, 20th April at 6pm
Exhibition: 21st April  – 7th May, Wed – Sun 12 - 5pm; Laurieston Arches, G5


ARC Independent registered CIC No. 569812